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Energy-Environment-Economics offers a full range of energy engineering services that can be tailored to meet our individual clients' needs. Our very name is derived from and based upon what our experience and capabilities will mean to our clients: energy cost and consumption reductions, environmental responsibility and tangible, measurable economic benefit. Our staff of experienced professionals possesses a varied set of skills, including rigorous professional training combined with a holistic understanding of how complex HVAC sub-systems interact within a facility. These skills allow our team to generate solutions to existing performance deficiencies that when corrected will provide the greatest net benefit to our clients.

Energy-Environment-Economics is not an energy services company (ESCO), but an HVAC Systems specialty engineering firm. We can increase your business revenues and bottom line performance by identifying energy conservation opportunities that have been discounted, or overlooked entirely, due to traditional engineering and contractor practices. Other opportunities stemming from the contractor driven "low bid" mentality of today's market place and the resulting installation and application deficiencies can be identified and evaluated, and usually require minimal investment to correct to further reduce operating costs. It is imperative to understand that any and all system deficiencies will preclude the HVAC system operating at peak performance. Our services will guarantee that level of performance, including:

HVAC System Analysis experts begin the optimization process at this phase of the project, which is very much a forensic investigation. Most if not all systems are currently performing substandard, causing comfort delivery issues and a myriad of associated problems: lack of capacity/redundancy, humidity control, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and of course excessive utility costs. Our collective ability to identify these performance issues and devise solutions is a core competency of Energy-Environment-Economics and is the essential means by which we can and will start to optimize your facilities. Facility audits provide an accurate baseline understanding of the existing systems and insights into energy and operations-related cost reduction opportunities.

Systems Commissioning services provide independent third party technical validation that installed equipment and systems operate as specified and will perform per the construction documents and designer’s intent. Commissioning can be provided in conjunction with our suite of services, as it is during the OptimissioningSM of a system, or may be provided as a stand-alone professional service. LEED compliance peer-to-peer and all required field Commissioning activities are available.

HVAC System OptimissioningSM a combination of Commissioning and our exclusive Optimal Performance Integration (OPI) techniques - services combine our analysis, innovative design, commissioning, and energy management acumen to obtain the desired outcome of the absolute lowest life cycle cost of ownership with no sacrifice of comfort. Our approaches to problem solving are driven from the group's unique combination of analytical skills, in-depth knowledge of building systems and the proper application of advanced technologies designed to help facility owners and managers minimize their HVAC-related operating costs, allocate capital more effectively and manage associated risks

Energy Management Systems (EMS) Consulting Services help our clients to better understand how new and emerging technologies can be used to manage their operating costs more effectively. We routinely encounter EMS that are improperly applied, usually under-utilized, and in many cases are themselves contributors to excessive energy consumption. A detailed review of current EMS capabilities and usage will provide energy managers with an effective tool to maximize existing energy management capabilities.

Construction Administration Services assure sub-contractor compliance with the project’s usually rigid schedule and with the construction documents' design and intent. Our B-1 licensed field inspectors provide detailed records of all construction activities, and quality control improves when we provide the engineering and project oversight. Combining these activities, as well as Commissioning and OptimissioningSM activities, creates an environment that makes communication and problem solving seamless, flexible and very efficient. Our staff can deliver fast track projects from the initial assessment to full implementation, on-budget and on-schedule.

Risk Management and Compliance services provide our clients with important training and tools to help identify potentially dangerous or litigious situations and to more effectively manage their facilities. Code compliance and regulatory agency compliance reviews protect your business, and environmentally responsible (GHG) business practices will enhance your company’s portfolio and standing in industry.





The Energy-Environment-Economics LLC concept of providing a service where compensation for their efforts is paid for out of energy savings is not unusual. But having the combined resources to identify problems, develop alternative solutions, estimate the construction costs and energy savings dollars, arrange and coordinate the work required to fix the problems, and on occasions arrange the financial side as well, is unusual and admirable.

David S. Pearson, P.E., C.I.P.E.


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