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Each of us takes risks every day, it is part of life and impossible to avoid. We do it personally and we do it in business. To be risk-free is to be stagnate and paralyzed, accepting the status quo and never questioning authority or pushing the envelope. Few if any successful people or companies are this risk averse, for to be so by definition is to be idle and is counter-productive to fostering an innovative and pioneering entrepreneurial working environment necessary for continual success.

But in addition to advocating the taking of risks, we at Energy-Environment-Economics believe that managing and mitigating risk is especially important in today’s increasingly litigious business climate. But risk is not simply a matter of litigation or not, it is also a matter of decision making that depending upon your industry may affect your

  • Production capability
  • Industry certification
  • Tenant retention rate
  • Employee productivity
  • Community and marketplace standing
  • Personal liability

In other words, how you manage pervasive risks will always have an impact on your economic bottom line. Our services will identify and quantify any and all potential risk factors that may affect your business or you personally. And yes we do understand that risk is typically measured against reward, so it begs the question: if you can eliminate your HVAC related risks and improve the other aspects of your core business, what is that worth?

Our risk management/code compliance services will mitigate your HVAC related risks, including:

  • IAQ
  • EPA
  • OSHA
  • Refrigerant Management
  • Applicable Building Codes

Risk Management and Compliance services provide our clients with important training and tools to help identify potentially dangerous or litigious situations and to more effectively manage their facilities. Code compliance and regulatory agency compliance reviews protect your business, and environmentally responsible (GHG) business practices will enhance your company’s portfolio and standing in industry.



"We are confident that Energy-Environment-EconomicsLLC can perform the tasks associated with any transaction in a professional and seamless manner."

Scott A. Sossen

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