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Defined by Webster’s as an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole

Defined by Webster’s as to make the best of.

Optimized System….
To make the best of an assemblage of parts forming a complex whole.

Our Definition…….
• provides accurate and repeatable temperature and humidity control to all control zones during all occupied times
• provides adequate ventilation during all occupied times
• provides the above as efficiently as possible

Today’s HVAC systems are more complex than ever. Yet in our rush to apply technology in the name of energy efficiency we inevitably cause more harm than good because of mis-application of the technologies or mis-understanding of the real issues. These issues are as varied as HVAC system types themselves, but will most certainly include some or all of the following:
• poor Energy Management System (EMS) application/installation
• lack of adequate Commissioning
• lack of adequate maintenance
• marginal original design practices

Energy-Environment-Economics staff of professionals staunchly believes that the only way to optimize a system is for the system to operate as originally intended – assuming a competent design and installation - and with a complete lack of performance deficiencies. Only then can technologies be applied to ensure that the system performs as efficiently as possible.

We routinely encounter HVAC systems that have adequate but certainly not optimal designs, and others that are nothing short of dreadful. In their defense, today’s design professionals are subject to pricing pressures that do not lend themselves to precision engineering practices. As a result many firms continually regurgitate the same “cookie-cutter” designs that, when installed without proper commissioning and EMS quality control, become not only sub-standard but also energy wasters. Our HVAC System Optimization Services will identify pre-existing design and installation deficiencies as well as develop remediation schemes and optimization opportunities that will provide real, measurable economic benefits.

Most so-called Energy Service Companies (ESCO’s) purport to provide energy conservation capabilities. Our experience has been that traditionally, because of the lack of systems understanding, ESCO’s and their performance contracting efforts have been largely unsuccessful. Energy-Environment-Economics is a specialty engineering firm, and our HVAC systems acumen assures our clients that all energy conservation measures will be authentic and will meet or exceed our estimates. Click here for current project results.







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