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Energy-Environment-Economics is a firm that is unique in today's HVAC marketplace. We are a professionally licensed specialty engineering firm staffed with engineers who are experts in the mechanical, electrical and controls disciplines. The founding members have combined experience of over 75 years in the analysis, design and installation of mechanical projects. As such, we have intimate familiarity with HVAC systems. It is because of this experience, and an intuitive understanding of the cause and effect relationships of HVAC design, controls strategies, connected loads, and mechanical equipment that we can optimize your HVAC system.

An optimized system is one that satisfies all temperature, humidity and indoor air quality requirements to all zones at all times, and does so as efficiently as possible. Most if not all HVAC systems are lacking to varying degrees in one or both of these criteria, always resulting from one or all of the following:

The fundamental skill required on the road to optimization is the ability to analyze the complete system as it functions, not just the individual components, and not from a theoretical model. Field engineering experience is an absolute must. When done correctly the analysis becomes the planning tool needed to correct existing deficiencies and develop design solutions that will improve efficiency and comfort. Our staff was carefully selected with the very different yet requisite skill sets necessary to achieve energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility is unwavering. As the project economics dictate we will evaluate any and all opportunities to incorporate renewable resource technologies into our design solutions. To date our experience has overwhelmingly been that our innovative design and controls solutions, combined with our exclusive Optimal Performance Integration (OPI) techniques, achieves the greatest atmospheric and economic benefit for our clients. In other words, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies attains far greater greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions per dollar invested.

Our Systems Analysis services will identify these inefficiencies. Our Engineering services will design corrective measures and opportunities for increasing your HVAC system's efficiency. Our Commissioning services will ensure that your system is operating as intended, and our OptimissioningSM services will provide you with unmatched efficiencies and system performance.

Energy-Environment-Economics is also a licensed General Contractor, fully capable of not only engineering related services but also the construction related services ultimately required by our designs. The benefit is obvious: we have all-inclusive familiarity with the project and are fully vested in the ultimate outcome.



To partner with our clients to produce a state of the art HVAC system that provides optimum performance under all conditions, and does so with an unwavering commitment to economic realities and environmental sensitivity. We will produce this end product through comprehensive, accurate and insightful project analysis, coupled with Energy-Environment-Economics innovative design strategies. Our client partners will dictate our level of participation. As defined, our commitment will continue from project feasibility, installation, through system OptimissioningSM, and culminate in an intensive education of all involved personnel.







"These guys make commissioning look easy"

Bob Foley
Assistant Vice President, Facility Manager
Bank One Sky Harbor Operations Center


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