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Our contracting experience and abilities can be crucial to the overall success of our projects. The very nature of our business is predicated upon identifying pre-existing HVAC system deficiencies and developing solutions to correct them. By definition the systems are installed and operating, so it becomes imperative that any proposed solutions will conform to the available construction schedules and space limitations and will have minimal impact on the facilities’ ongoing business operations. Our very experienced field staff works in concert with our systems engineers to develop a construction plan for the project that is detailed and realistic, allowing precise construction schedules to be developed and implemented.

Our Construction Administration Services assure sub-contractor compliance with the project’s usually rigid schedule and with the construction documents' design and intent. Our B-1 licensed field inspectors provide detailed records of all construction activities, and quality control improves when we provide the engineering and project oversight. Combining these activities, as well as Commissioning and OptimissioningSM activities, creates an environment that makes communication and problem solving seamless, flexible and very efficient. Our staff can deliver fast track projects from the initial assessment to full implementation, on-budget and on-schedule.

Typical tasks will include:

  • Schedule and lead all necessary project meetings.

  • Coordinate for the owner all contractors and consultants for the duration of the project.

  • Review and approve all project schedules, pay applications and correspondence from all consultants, contractors and vendors.

  • Review, process and distribute all project documentation such as submittals, requests for information (RFI’S) and correspondence to all relevant parties.

  • Provide weekly written project status review of progress, issues, conflicts and resolutions with all relevant documentation, pictures and field inspections as required and furnished to the owner in a Project Coordination book format.

  • Provide field inspections as required to monitor project for construction progress, compliance with contract documents and to ensure quality control.

  • Coordinate with the contractors and owner personnel all required project shut downs, owner training and project closeout requirements.


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