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Case Studies
Study after study has documented the benefits of commissioning. Among them:

The State of Oregon Commissioning Manual cited that of the 60 recently constructed commercial buildings studied:
Over 50% had system control problems
40% had faulty HVAC equipment
33% had faulty sensors
25% had EMS, Economizers, and/or variable speed drives not operating properly
15% were missing specified equipment

From the Continuous CommissioningSM (CC) in Energy Conservation Programs at the Energy Systems Lab at Texas A&M University:

Texas Capitol Extension Building
An efficient building was built in 1992 and commissioned to design specifications by the contractor. The before CC cost index was $ 1.50 / sq.ft. of conditioned space, resulting in a total energy bill of about $539,000 per year. In 1995, Continuous Commissioning was done, resulting in a savings of $144,700 per year or about 27%.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center – Standard commissioning procedures were done in 1992 and 1993, producing savings of $145,000 and $62,500, respectively. In 1994, the Continuous Commissioning team applied CC techniques and obtained an additional $195,000 per year savings from the same systems which had been previously commissioned to design specifications.

Starr Building in Austin – This was an older building that was renovated in 1963 with the HVAC system replaced in 1982. Although a number of retrofits with conventional commissioning had been done over several years, the expected savings did not materialize. Significant comfort and indoor air quality problems also existed in this building. Continuous Commissioning resolved the comfort and IAQ problems and produced an energy savings of 27% ($130,000).

Commissioning and Continuous CommissioningSM are undoubtedly invaluable tools for identifying and correcting errors and omissions related engineering, application and installation problems. In our estimation, Continuous CommissioningSM is commissioning taken to a higher - a 2nd - level, as evidenced by the superior results. Energy-Environment-EconomicsLLC offers a third-tier level of commissioning: OptimissioningSM






“A well thought-out and applied commissioning program can pay for itself through improved pre-construction coordination/communication. This coordination translates into a reduction in costly change orders, while maintaining (at worst) and more than likely accelerating the project's construction schedule".



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